Gmail to make your emails ‘dynamic’, here’s how

Google keeps refreshing its Gmail service with new UI changes and features across platforms and this time it’s once again changing the way you see your emails and send a reply. According to Aakash Sahney, product manager at Gmail, your emails will not be more ‘dynamic’ than ever. That’s because you will soon be able to see a more interactive email from where you can RSVP to events, fill out a questionnaire, browse a catalogue or respond to a comment.

Sahney also gave an example wherein a user mentions you in a comment inside a Google Docs document and instead of receiving an individual email notification, you will see a thread in Gmail. From there you can easily reply or resolve the comment, right from within the message, without leaving the Gmail window.

Some of the businesses that have already started using ‘dynamic emails’ in Gmail include, Oyo Rooms, Redbus, Pinterest among others. For instance, with Oyo Rooms you will be able to browse hotels and rooms right from the email page itself, without changing the window.

Google has made it clear that businesses that want to send users dynamic emails, would have to follow certain guidelines laid out by the search giant. It will then be reviewed by Gmail before one can start sending it out.

These ‘dynamic’ emails are based on AMP for emails project Google introduced early last year. The aim here is to make static pages in Gmail look like interactive ones and dynamic in nature. The search giant is probably late to the party as Microsoft’s Outlook, and Yahoo Mail already support AMP pages.

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