Problem: “How to recover deleted files from Google Drive? I know I can restore the files from my Trash. However, the files are permanently deleted from the Trash. Can I still get the files back from Google Drive?”

Solutions: People store important files on Google Drive for work. When the Google Drive files or photos are deleted or missing, you do everything you could to retrieve the deleted/missing files. And here are all the solutions for Google Drive data recovery that you can possibly find.

Google Drive Files Missing? How to Find

When a file is missing from Google Drive, it is not necessarily deleted. Try if you can find it in these steps on a computer.

  • Go to Choose My Drive and click Info icon in the top right corner. In Activity, search the information of the missing file.

  • If the files are created by someone else, they may delete or rename the files so that you can’t find the files.

  • If you are the owner but the file are in a folder created by someone else, the folder could be deleted. On a computer, use this advanced search to find files created by you in deleted folders:

Restore Recently Deleted Files from Trash

Google Drive keeps deleted files in your Trash for 30 days. Before the files are permanently deleted, you can restore the deleted Google Drive from Trash.

Step 1 On an Android phone, open Google Drive. Click Menu icon > Trash.

Step 2 Choose the deleted files and click Restore to undo the deletion.

Step 3 If you are using a computer, find Google Drive Trash on

Ask Administrator to Recover Permanently Deleted Files

If you are Google account is associated with a company, school or group, you can ask an administrator to recover files deleted from Google Drive and its Trash. The administrator can recover files that are deleted within 25 days. Here is how the administrator does it:

  • On Gmail, log into Management Settings.

  • Select user and double-click to open the user profile.

  • Click Menu icon in the top right corner.

  • Choose Restore Data. Then you can select the file to restore.

Contact Google Drive Support to Recover Missing/Deleted Files

Google Drive Support team can help you recover missing or deleted, especially when the files are missing from your Google Drive for an unknown reason.

If the Google Drive folders just become empty suddenly, you can contact Google Drive Support teamto get the missing/deleted files back. The support can retrieve files that are missing or deleted within the past 25 days.

Recover Deleted Google Drive Files/Photos from Android

If the above attempts lead you to nowhere, there is the last resort. For Google Drive files or photos have been saved on your Android phone, you can recover the deleted files or photos from Android with FonePaw Android Data Recovery.

The program can recover photos, PDF documents, DOC, TXT documents, etc. from Android devices in these steps.

Step 1 Download FonePaw Android Data Recovery on your computer.

Download   Download

Step 2 Open the program and connect your Android phone with deleted Google Drive photos/files to the computer.

Connect Android to PC

Step 3 Follow the guide on the program to give permission to scan your phone memory.

Step 4 Choose GalleryPicture LibraryDocuments. The program will scan out these 3 types of deleted data.

Step 5 View the scanned result. If you find the deleted Google Drive files or photos that you need, select them and click Recover to save them on the computer.

Recover Deleted Google Drive Documents

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